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       Haunted Isles is different from other travel companies offering preset tours to predictable  destinations in that we work with you to develop individually designed itineraries certain to give you an exciting and unique experience you will find nowhere else. Whether your interests run to medieval castles, ruined abbeys, grand houses, neolithic monuments, mystical and sacred sites or a combination of them all; whether you wish to visit several countries or explore a single region in depth, we will tailor your fully chauffeured tour to match your desires, each destination coming alive as your escort and guide, Mark Lyon, shares the supernatural tales and secret lore which echo still through each site. Accommodations can range from magnificent castles and haunted hotels to cozy  bed and breakfast inns. You chose the dates and length of your tour. All of the choices are entirely up to you! At Haunted Isles it’s more than just a tour.  It’s an adventure!